Capsule Wardrobe: Spring Refresh

At this time of confusion and uncertainty I understand the last thing on our minds is “what do I wear this season” when all we are doing is staying inside listening to Spotify's quarantine playlist. For the past two weeks my default has been black leggings, a hoodie and trainers and I know I’m not alone. Although events have been cancelled and our leggings have now grafted to our skin we are always looking for new inspiration so I hope these three trends are a happy distraction from all the toilet paper hoarding chaos.

1. Safari Chic

Utility has taken a turn to safari chic. Knee-length shorts and matching jackets are becoming staples in many peoples closets.

2. Never-ending Neutrals

The neutrals are not going anywhere as of now and everyone seems to still be loving the creamy beige palette.

3. Blues

Along with neutrals there has been a plethora of a bright sea blue accessories all over social media.