"HELP!" Said my notebook

Some of us love the idea of starting a fresh notebook at the beginning of each project ensuring our handwriting is impeccable making no mistakes. I am one of these people. However the smell and feeling of those crisp shiny pages soon become worn in and creased with black scribbles and rips covering its surfaces.

Those notes on that project you did back in 2019 get lost in a sea of doodles, shorthand and hieroglyphics, and the barren pages with only one word that we can't make out any more seem to be never ending. I was in crisis (and so were my notebooks) for an organised system that allowed me to go back to the past, see the present and look into the future in just one glance.

*Enter the Bullet Journal....

The bullet journal system allows you to be productive and creative all in one chic, neat little package. It sounded like my cries had been heard and my dreams came true, although maybe I spoke too soon.

When I started it 'was all Greek to me': Migration, Future Log, Threading, Braindump became the most confusing language I had ever studied, and I learnt how to speak, read and write Greek. I didn't know where to start so I went to the source. Ryder Carroll, the creator of the bullet journal's youtube account. Success! It was like I had found the missing earring I had lost a year ago. Two hours later after watching the four minute and twelve second video on "How to Bullet Journal" over and over and over again I had just about grasped the concept.

All jokes aside this system has changed the way I organise and take notes and it's helped me categorise and prioritise what I actually need to do. It's become almost like a mindfulness practice for me now, and I encourage anyone and everyone to give it a go because what have you got to loose? Although I never did find that missing earring I do now have an efficient system for planning out how to find it.

Here's a link to the bullet journal website if you want to take a further look.