How To Get The Best Fashion Deals

You’re style is a reflection of you therefore you should fill your closet with beautiful, quality pieces that you love and would wear over and over again. However this does not mean that you should be forking over hundreds of pounds on every single item. Quality items can be found anywhere if you know where to look. My suggestion is to go on the hunt in charity shops and sample sales. This is really were you can get the most for you cash. There are so many charity shops around just pop into your local ones to see what you can find. The Chicmi website is the perfect place to find out about local sample sales in your city or online and signing up is totally free. Here are some tips for when you get onto the shop floor.

1) I recommend going in open minded to what you might find. This means you won‘t get frustrated when you’re not finding the “right” things whilst missing the hidden gems.

2) Keep in mind your style and aesthetic. You could create a mood board on Pinterest of the types of outfits you love. This means whilst shopping you have direction and a reference to refer back to before putting something into your basket.

3) You can tell when something is a quality item by the weight and material of it. Be sure to always check the label for the material and I recommend going for natural fabrics because they last longer than man made.

I would love to know your tips and/or tricks to getting a good fashion deal! DM me on Instagram!