How To Look Expensive

I believe to look expensive you do not have to part with your finances. I have a few tricks to make your outfits look polished and put together without having to spend all your savings on designer items. The first is to wear neutral colours, There is more than one benefit to this. By wearing only neutrals it means that everything will work together. Stick to black, white, cream, tan and brown that way you can mix and match to your hearts desire. This also helps you save money because you are rewearing clothes you already have but creating new outfits instead of going out and buying a complete new outfit. The second tip I have is to buy a structured coat or jacket. Depending on your lifestyle and what you like to wear a structured coat really elevates your look. This jacket or coat can also be a transition piece from autumn, winter and spring but also from day to night. Another tip is to only wear one colour of jewellery. Weather you are a rose gold gal or a silver fiend stick to one metal and you‘ll look effortlessly put together. The final tip I have is to buy a structured bag. I don’t agree that your bags have to break the bank if you find a structured medium sized bag in a neutral colour it can sometimes look more expensive than the designer bags some spend fortunes on. For more inspiration on how to look expensive check out this month‘s wish list on my currently page.