Most Controversial Fashion Trends of 2020

This year has been filled with zoom calls, hand sanitiser and a general lack of physical affection however without a doubt there have also been some more than questionable fashion trends. Okey so hands up who remembers that brief tie dying obsession everyone had at the beginning of lockdown? Because I definitely do. I feel it was the bright, multi-coloured co-ordinating outfits that really got us through this year. A little diy never hurt anyone and tbh what else did we have to do between zoom meetings.

I think we can all agree that the overwhelming trend of this year has been loungewear. There have been so many variations of this trend, hoodies, joggers, leggings, but my favourite was definitely the pyjamas sets. I mean don't know about you but if I wasn't wearing my night-time pyjamas I was 100% wearing my day-time pyjamas.

Masks becoming part of our keys, phone, wallet song that we sing every time we leave our house has pretty much made it essential for them to match our individual style. We've seen colourful, patterned, themed, textured masks. The whole lot. Some have dived in head first to this trend, matching outfits to masks and vice versa. While others, including myself, have remained true to basic black masks. My philosophy has been if it's black it'll go with everything (see the photographic evidence) but my one and only goal for 2021 will be to totally immerse myself into the world of reusable masks before we vaccinate the country.