Spring Silk Scarves

The silk scarf is a very simple but mulitfacited accessory. Before I discovered how versatile they were I thought they didn't go with my style. Now they take me right through from spring to summer. The best places I've found to find some good ones are charity shops and vintage stores because they have plenty to offer and you now own something that isn't on every high street shop. If you are a neutral queen, like yours truly, the scarf trend is also a great way to introduce some colour into your wardrobe. I have two vintage Hermes scarves that I'm flipping between this season. For my personal style I like to tie them in my hair or wear them as a sleeveless top. If your personal style is more 70s then try wearing them as a belt or wrapping them around your wrist like a bracelet. I can't get enough of this trend at the moment so I've linked my pintrest board which has pictures of different ways to wear this trend for this season.