Summer Lovin'

The ice-cream/ pastel colour trend always comes back into fashion during spring and with summer is right around the corner I thought I would share some of the summer colours that everyone is wearing right now, and show you how to inject new items into your wardrobe whilst still keeping your personal style.

Tie Dye

I know I'm breaking the rules slightly with this one as it's not just one colour but tie-dying is a big trend at the moment. As everyone is at home at the moment tie dying has become a creative activity for some including myself. Here's how I wear tie dye without looking like a year four art project.


The lilac trend has had a major come-back this year with a fresh new vibe.

Mellow Yellow

If you are not too daring with your colour scheme (just like yours truly) yellow isn't the easiest colour to wear and it takes time to get used to wearing it. This is how I would make a statement with yellow this season.

Ice Cream

"Cream... for summer.... Groundbreaking!" Yes, cream isn't necessarily a new colour for summer buuut it wouldn't be me without a neutral colour in this post. I'm going for cream looks this summer with some other neutral light tones to break up the look and this is how you can do it too.