Three Outfits, Three Days

I loved my outfits this week so I decided to show you three days with of quarantine looks.

Friday was a day at home so I opted for my favourite Isabel Marant trousers with a black hoodie and white trainers.

Saturday was a trip to the post office and because it was a bit chilly I wore a fitted black cashmere cardigan, checked blazer with jeans and DrMartins. My hair was on it's last legs so I put it in a low bun and added to white clips to tame the fly aways.

Sunday was a chilled one (meaning I basically didn't get off the sofa for anything but food) so I was determined to stay in lounge wear and a face mask all day long.

Sorry if I couldn't find the links to some of the exact items I'm wearing. I've linked alternatives that I love instead.