Your 3 Step Wardrobe Cleanse

During this pandemic we all have some extra time on our hands and what’s better than spending this time organising all your clothes. There are only 3 steps I think you need to have the ultimate wardrobe cleanse.

Step 1: Take everything out of your wardrobe. And when I say everything I mean everything down to the very last lone hanger. This makes it much easy to give everything a good clean and allows you to see your clothes better as you put them back in.

Step 2: Separate into piles (keep, alterations, sell, give away and seasonal). This means that your wardrobe will feel much more organised when you put everything back in and you’ll be wear to use everything In your wardrobe. I recommend putting the alterations, sell and give away piles into separate bags and level them so you know what they are. The seasonal items like swimwear or skiwear can go into a clear plastic storage box with a label so you know what it is for the future.

Step 3: Now onto the fun part putting everything back in! I recommend buying all new hangers so that they match. This tip is a wardrobe cleanse game changer. Everything looks much more cohesive and luxury When you have matching hangers. I think the black non-slip velvet ones are always best because your clothes don’t slip off them and you can use them for trousers as well as tops. Now with your new hangers you can colour coordinate to your hearts desire. Separate your clothes into sections in your wardrobe. Go from light to dark colours and from smaller tops to larger knitwear.

These 3 steps will garantee you your dream wardrobe, make you feel organised, and love your clothes again. Plus from all your selling earnings you can buy some more pieces for your new wardrobe!